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Pipe Solutions

Pipe Solutions for Water, Gas, Mining, Oil and Industrial Applications

About us

Established in 1969, Radius Systems is the only provider to offer solutions spanning the entire pipe lifecycle.  The core element of our business has been the development and manufacture of plastic pipes and fittings for the gas, water and wastewater sectors, and producing solutions for the telecoms market.  Our products are lightweight and simple to install, optimised for new and replacement infrastructure, and provide confidence of a long system's lifetime for asset owners.  Working closely with our customers, we are committed to finding solutions for today and tomorrow's pipeline challenges across each of our core business areas, safety and quality are our top priority, whether it is manufacture, delivery, installation or recycling of our products. 

Pipe Solutions

Our unique pipe systems have long been established as market leading solutions tailored to meet the demanding needs of today's construction industry.  Our products make optimal use of materials and offer features including barrier properties, specialist application coatings and simplified jointing practices.  Standard pipes up to 1200mm in diameter are available and we can also manufacture to meet bespoke requirements for specific pipeline projects.  Designed and scientifically proven to last, our pipes meet the requirements of the highest industry standards.

Fittings Range

Our comprehensive range of fittings provides you with the confidence of a single source for your complete pipeline system – a range of fittings fully compatible with our pipes.  We offer products that allow for the initial construction phase, as well as products that enable work to take place on existing operational pipelines with minimum disruption to the environment and your customers – ideal for making new connections and alterations to your asset.


RadiusPLUS is our site installation services division, who with their teams of expert engineers and skilled technicians are able to provide you with pipeline engineering services at site, for the whole lifecycle of your asset, from initial installation design and construction, alterations and repairs through to decommissioning, safely and effectively.

With their wide range of site services, from pipe welding and under pressure connections to flow stopping, window cutting operations and pressure testing, RadiusPLUS make the whole process of building and repairing your asset as easy as possible, with the minimum of fuss.

Radius Telecoms

Our telecoms division has been connecting the world with high quality telecoms and FTTx products for over 25 years.  Our dedicated telecoms centre of excellence where our resident team of expert engineers make use of state of the art technology, develop new product solutions.

Radius Telecoms supply many of the world's top telecom operators, integrators and installers with traditional Telecoms Ducting such as HDPE sub duct, HDPE twin wall, uPVC and PP main duct, as well as next generation access products for FTTx Microtubing and composite Access Chambers which are suitable for use across various utilities.