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Protecting the Environment

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously

Our target is zero waste... well as helping our customers meet their environmental responsibilities

Environmental Commitment

We have been proactively addressing our environmental responsibilities for many years.  We already hold ISO 14001 accreditation in Environment Management and are committed to providing best practice solutions from end-to-end.  With dedicated manufacturing facilities and recycling centres, we are able to measure our environmental impact on an ongoing basis.

As environmental concerns increase, we continuously put in place the processes to effectively manage and reduce our own effects on the environment. Our target is zero waste and we take care during the whole production process of polyethylene products to reduce the amount of energy used and the amount of waste produced at all times.

Taking Action

The introduction of our award-winnng SUPER Scheme is part of our commitment to our environmental responsibilities.  This initiative is breaking new ground in polyethylene waste management, as this helps our customers meet their environmental responsibilities and reduce the volume of waste polyethylene (PE) impacting the environment.

Specially designed PE waste bins are supplied to customers who sign up to the scheme. These bins are collected during product deliveries and returned to Radius who recycle the PE waste back into pellet form.  Where appropriate, the processed material is then manufactured into non-pressure pipe and other products such as for example, refuse bags used by supermarkets.  Each PE bin has a metal barcode which is tracked via mobile hand held devices and uploaded to the waste collector software whenever moved from one location to another. By sharing this information with our customers, they are able to review the amount of waste being produced at each site and implement good practice around other locations.

Working together with our customers, SUPER is ensuring that the polyethylene pipe industry is meeting its end of life environmental responsibilities.

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