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Aeon vales & fittings

Innovative and technically advanced valve and fittings solutions for gas, water, wastewater and fire protection applications

About Aeon Valves

Part of the Radius Systems Group, Aeon is a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative and technologically advanced valves and fittings for the gas, water, wastewater and fire protection markets. With operations strategically located in the UK, Europe and Middle East, Aeon is in a position to satisfy customer requirements through an extensive distribution network.

The unique valve technology developed by Aeon offers improved performance that sets the Aeon valves apart. The resilient seated gate valves (RSGV) for gas and water applications have an innovative design with a special patented dual seal that provides perfect seal tightness with low operational torque and minimal number of turns for valve operation. Colour coded yellow or blue to indicate their application, all our gas and water valves are internally and externally protected with a minimum thickness epoxy coating of 250 microns for optimum corrosion resistance. Bespoke valves with higher grade components for challenging environments can also be manufactured on request. In order to facilitate safe handling, our valves for diameters DN125 and above for gas and DN200 and above for water are fitted with lifting eyes. Supplied with full barcode traceability, the Aeon valves are approved to the most stringent international gas and water quality standards.

To view our range of Aeon valves up to DN300, please visit our Water and Gas valve pages on this website.

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