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The award winning solution for service connections

Anaconda Fittings

Anaconda is a unique innovative flexible solution for gas service pipe connections.

Combining a tapping tee with a factory connected flexible PE80 service pipe outlet, Anaconda minimises the number of electrofusion fittings and associated joints required to connect the service pipe to the main.

Approved to GIS:PL6, Anaconda is capable of accommodating horizontal and vertical changes between the main and the service pipe connection.

Anaconda offers a wide range of benefits over traditional service pipe construction, including a reduction in the number of site made service pipe joints leading to increased on-site operational efficiencies and a reduction in plant usage, whilst at the same time reducing network downtime. Estimates show that the use of Anaconda significantly reduces the time required to make a service pipe connection, with the associated installation time savings.

Available now. Please contact your Radius Systems sales manager for more details.

Main Diameter Product Code
25mm Outlet
mm 4.7 pin - 40V
40 GB9083
55 GB9085
63 & 2" GB9086
75 GB9087
90 & 3" GB9088
110-140 & 4" GB9091
160-213 & 6" GB9097
225-280 GB9103
315-400 GB9109

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