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ProFuse (PE100) Pipe, for natural & suitable manufactured gas in buried applications

ProFuse, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes - For natural gas & suitable manufactured gases for below ground buried applications.

Our ProFuse pipe is a high performance multilayer pipe comprising a black PE100 core with a peelable yellow outer polypropylene layer. Longitudinal stripes denote the pipe's SDR and indicate the pipe as a multi-layer pipe.

Developed to offer increased levels of protection during handling operations, ProFuse offers excellent protection from surface abrasion normally associated with no-dig installation techniques. The outer polypropylene skin offers protection to the core pipe and is removed immediately before a joint is made, leaving a pristine surface ready for jointing operations.

PE100 Profuse Gas Pipe Product Codes  
Diameter SDR MOP GIS PL2-2 Straight Pipe Weight
mm - bar 6m 12m kg/m
250 21 2 FE0802 FE0805 10.6
280 21 2 FE0910 FE0912 13.1
315 21 2 FE1020 FE1023 16.4
355 21 2 FE1079 FE1082 20.6
400 21 2 FE1140 FE1143 25.9
450 21 2 FE1251 FE1253 32.6
500 21 2 FE1359 FE1361 40.0
630 21 2 FE1471 FE1473 62.6

Pipe weights shown are for lifting and handling purposes, they are based on the maximum pipe diameter and wall thickness.
For special projects requiring bespoke pipe diameters, SDRs and lengths, please contact Radius Systems.


FT0648 - PIPE EXPOSURE TOOL (PET) FOR PROFUSE SKIN REMOVAL (suitable for all diameters)