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17.5 mm gas service pipe relining system

SC80 Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) pipe kit - For relining 3/4" steel gas service pipe 

Unique to Radius Systems, the 17.5mm pipe relining system has been specifically designed to offer a smart solution for relining 3/4" metallic gas services.  Our House Entry and Road Crossing Kits are ideal for relining service pipes under gardens, footpaths and roads as they minimise the requirements for service relays and are supplied with all the appropriate electrofusion fittings and service head adaptors for inside the property.  Flexible and easy to install, our 17.5mm relining kits reduce excavation requirements and the need for meter relocation.

The house entry kit includes a 17.5mm x 3/4" service head adaptor for inside the property as well as a 17.5 x 32mm reducer for the garden connection, whilst the road crossing kit is supplied with two 32 x 17.5mm electrofusion reducers.

PE80 Yellow Gas pipe  Product Codes  
Diameter Description SDR MOP Coiled Pipe Weight
mm     millibar 8m kg/m
17.5 Road Crossing Kit 9.7 75 GZ0030 0.10
17.5 House Entry Kit 9.7 75 GZ0036 0.10

Maximum Operating Pressure based on UK code of practice and may vary for other countries and standards.
Radius Systems' pipes and fittings are manufactured to a comprehensive range of UK and international standards.  Please check approval level when placing your order.

Specialist installation tooling required for the 17.5mm House Entry Kit, please contact Radius Systems for more information.