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Pipe lining solution

Restoring the leak-tightness of your ageing steel service pipe

Service pipe lining solution

ServiFlex can easily negotiate short radius bends

PE80 Yellow ServiFlex System

PE80 Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) corrugated pipe - For relining 1" steel gas service pipe.

A unique twin wall corrugated flexible polyethylene liner pipe system, ServiFlex has been specifically designed for the relining of 1" steel service pipe.  Quick and easy to install, ServiFlex is a cost effective solution to service pipe replacement, as excavations are kept to a minimum with little disruption to customers.  Lightweight and flexible, ServiFlex can easily be inserted through short radius bends during relining operations.

PE80 Yellow ServiFlex Gas pipe Product Codes  
Diameter Description MOP Coiled Pipe Weight
mm   millibar 10m 50m kg/coil
20 Pipe 75 - FA0017 2.2

Maximum Operating Pressure based on UK code of practice and may vary for other countries and standards.