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Geothermal Applications

PE100 Black Pipe - For below ground low temperature ground source energy and heat extraction.

Manufactured from conventional PE100 (HDPE) material, our solid wall polyethylene black pipes are specially suited for geothermal applications.  With our capabilities to manufacture bespoke pipe lengths, we can supply all your piping requirements to suit your geothermal project needs.  Strong, lightweight and flexible, our pipes can be joined together using our standard range of black electrofusion fittings.

PE100 Black Geothermal Pipe

PE100 Black Pipe Product Codes  
Diameter SDR MOP Coiled Pipe Weight
mm   bar 50m 100m 150m 200m 250m 300m 350m 400m kg/m
40 11 16 VC2539 VC2540 VC2541 VC2542 VC2543 - - - 0.46
40 17 10 - - - - - VC2524 VC2544 VC2545 0.32

Maximum Operating Pressure based on UK code of practice and may vary for other countries and standards
Radius Systems' pipes and fittings are manufactured to a comprehensive range of UK and international standards.  Please check approval level when placing your order.