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PVC-O irrigation pipe

Strong, lightweight and easy to install

Irrigation Pipe

Oriented Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-O) pipes - For the conveyance of cold water for irrigation purposes in buried applications.

Radius Systems' PVC-O pressure pipe is a revolutionary pipe with enhanced material properties and features that make it the ideal choice for pressurised irrigation applications. The pipe is manufactured using a unique process of molecular orientation, which gives it strength and superior performance to surge and fatigue effects.  Our irrigation pipe is tough, lightweight and easy to install, using a simple socket to spigot push fit jointing technique.

PVC-O pipes are supplied in 6m lengths pre-socketed and fitted with a high performance sealing ring ready for installation.

PVC-O Irrigation Pipe Product Codes  
Diameter MOP Straight Pipe (Spigot & Socket) Weight
mm bar 6m kg/m
110 16 XN0065 1.67
160 16 XN0155 3.08
200 16 XN0215 4.67

LA0989 - Vinoleo Lubricant 0.5kg