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Electrofusion jointing

The solution for your pipeline jointing integrity

Water service pipe

Conveying drinking water to your customers

SC80, (PE80) Light blue pipe, for buried potable water applications

SC80, (PE80) Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) pipe - For the conveyance of cold potable water in buried pipeline applications.

Our SC80 solid wall single layer pipes are an exciting new range of polyethylene pipes that are manufactured from a black PE80 inner and a light blue PE80 outer, which identifies the pipe's application.

This innovative pipe system has been designed to provide a cost neutral replacement to conventional single colour PE80 pipes, they can be installed and joined using existing equipment and jointing techniques.

SC80 pipes are available in both straight lengths and in longer length coils up to 500m. These longer lengths help increase installation efficiencies by reducing pipe waste and minimising the number of joints made on site.

SC80 Light Blue
Potable Water Pipe
Product Code  
Diameter SDR MOP Straight Pipe Coiled Pipe Weight
mm - bar 6m 12m 25m 50m 100m 150m 200m kg/m
20 9 12.5 - - VA0020 VA0021 VA0022 VA0023 - 0.14
25 11 12.5 VA0026 - VA0027 VA0028 VA0029 VA0030 - 0.18
32 11 12.5 VA0033 - VA0034 VA0035 VA0036 VA0037 VA0031 0.29
40 11 12.5 VA0039 - - - VA0041 VA0042 VA0043 0.45
50 11 12.5 VA0049 VA0050 VA0054 VA0051 VA0052 VA0053 - 0.70
63 11 12.5 VA0068 - VA0070 VA0071 VA0072 VA0073 - 1.10

Maximum Operating Pressure (MOP) based on UK code of practice, this may vary for other countries and specifications.

For longer length coils, please contact Radius Systems.

Pipe weights shown are for lifting and handling purposes, they are calculated on a per meter length and are based on the maximum specification diameter and pipe wall thickness.
Radius-Systems' pipes and fittings are manufactured to a comprehensive range of UK and international standards.  Please check approval level when placing your order.