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Puriton pipe and fittings system

Protecting your drinking water

Puriton pipe jointing solutions

Ensuring contamination resistance is maintained

Smart piping solution

For all your pipeline requirements from 25 to 180 mm


Polyethylene and Aluminium Barrier Pipe - For the conveyance of potable water in contaminated ground applications.

Puriton is a pipe and fittings system which has been specifically engineered and designed to protect potable water in contaminated land.  The Puriton pipe combines the proven benefits of polyethylene with the barrier properties of aluminium.  The inner and outer layers of polyethylene are formed over an aluminium layer which together offer barrier protection to drinking water, from ground contaminants.  Available in diameters 25 to 180mm with a comprehensive range of fittings to provide a full contamination resistant system solution.


Service Pipe

Puriton PE80 & Aluminium Service Pipe Product Codes    
Diameter SDR MOP Straight Pipe Coiled Pipe Coiled Pipe Weight
mm   bar 6m 50m 100m kg/m
25 11 12.5 - XQ2528 - 0.3
32 11 12.5 - XQ2535 - 0.5
63 11 12.5 XQ2568 XQ2571 XQ2572 1.3

Mains Pipe

Puriton PE100 & Aluminium Mains Pipe Product Codes    
Diameter SDR MOP Straight Pipe Straight Pipe Coiled Pipe Coiled Pipe Weight
mm   bar 6m 12m 50m 100m kg/m
90 11 16 XQ0125 XQ0126 XQ0128 XQ0129 2.6
90 17 10 XQ0143 XQ0145 XQ0146 XQ0147 1.9
110 17 10 XQ0251 XQ0253 XQ0254 XQ0255 2.7
125 17 10 XQ0305 XQ0307 XQ0308 XQ0309 3.4
160 17 10 XQ0476 XQ0478 XQ0479 XQ0480 5.3
180 17 10 XQ0550 XQ0552 XQ0554 XQ0555 6.6