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Tapping tee solutions

25 and 32mm outlet solutions for service connections

Puriton Tapping Tees

Radius Systems offer a dedicated range of gunmetal tapping tee service off-takes which incorporates a unique stainless steel sleeve. As part of the tapping operation, the sleeve is 'swaged' into the pipe wall, sealing the aluminium barrier layer from contact with the waster supply.


Tapping Tees

Tapping TeesTop

Tapping Tees - 25mm Outlet
Diameter Product Code
63x25 XR5111
90x25 XR5112
110x25 XR5113
125x25 XR5114
160x25 XR5115
180x25 XR5116
Tapping Tees - 32mm Outlet
Diameter Product Code
63x32 XR5117
90x32 XR5118
110x32 XR5119
125x32 XR5120
160x32 XR5121
180x32 XR5122

A service pipe insert is supplied with Puriton tapping tees


Tapping Tee Key

Tapping Tee KeyTop

Tapping Tee Key
Diameter Product Code
3/8" Tee key XR0215