BPF Pipes Group publishes new guidance on branch connections for gas and water mains

Following a request from water companies, the BPF Pipes Group have published a new guidance document on branch connections for water and gas mains. The guidance provides valuable information on when to specify the use of under-pressure branch saddle and tee connections.

The Radius Systems' electrofusion branch saddles, supplied as an installed service by RadiusPLUS, are an innovative solution designed for polyethylene pipelines to provide zero interruption to the supply of gas or water to customers. They have been specially engineered for new connections or emergency repairs on a live system and avoid the need for costly flow-stopping operations.

Features and benefits

  • For all gas and all fluid pipelines Universal fitting for all applications approved to the appropriate European standard.
  • Simplify construction and alteration of pipeline systems Connect to a new pipeline during construction or to an existing under pressure pipeline
  • Single welded joint Reduction in the number of joints compared to installing a tee. Increased fusion integrity with reduced failures.
  • Guaranteed fusion integrity with BlueBox technology Our branch saddles are made as one piece with a lacquered safety wire which combined with the use of BlueBox technology, guarantees joint integrity.
  • Deploy flow-stopping equipment and connect to live mains Our service enables the use cost-efficient flow-stopping techniques, such as Iris supported, folding head plugging or baggingoff for emergency repairs and connect to a live main, with minimum disruption.
  • 10% of traditional excavation footprint Save time and cost over time-consuming and costly excavations required by traditional squeeze-off methods.
  • 50% of installation costs and just 33% of time Significantly reduce your installation time and costs by choosing our branch saddle installation service.
  • Increased fusion integrity Our branch saddles are made as one piece with a lacquered safety wire increasing joint integrity.
  • Any size you need We can make any standard size, as well as any bespoke size, for example for swaged pipes, to meet your individual needs.

For more information on our RadiusPLUS connection service, please visit RadiusPLUS's website: www.radius-plus.co.uk.

Click here for the full BPF Pipes Group guidance

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