Improved product quality through enhanced traceability

Radius Systems are increasing the ability to easily trace their electrofusion fittings by introducing a new traceability barcode on all their fittings' labels as part of their continuous product improvement programme.

The traceability details and the electrofusion welding parameters are now contained on one label which is applied to all our electrofusion fittings. The traceability barcode can be scanned using existing compatible barcode readers or applications software on smartphones to upload all the fittings' data onto a customer's database. Consisting of a 26 digit code covering some of the existing traceability information embossed on the body of the electrofusion fitting, the traceability barcode also includes the manufacturing, SDR, PE compound and site codes and conforms to the requirements of ISO12176 part 4.

Fraser Higgins, Radius Systems' Product Manager commented: "This is really good news for our customers in terms of tracing electrofusion fittings. We have streamlined our product identification system to provide a solution that increases product visibility and makes our fittings' traceability process easy and straightforward for our customers. This will also allow Radius Systems to provide customers with a faster query response time and improve our quality standards."

The traceability barcode is being introduced during October 2016. For more information, please contact your regional sales manager or contact Radius Systems on t: +44 (0)1773 811112 or e: sales@radius-systems.com.

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