Investing in smart logistics to optimise customer experience

Radius Systems are investing half a million pound to strengthen and improve their logistics operations to enhance customer service levels and operational efficiency.

Part of a company-wide business process review initiative, this two-phase improvement programme, which will be completed during 2018, focuses on streamlining operational activities and incorporating new systems to generate efficiencies. An analysis of processes was carried out within the stockyard and warehouse, which identified areas of improvement to reduce complexity and where automation was a viable solution to achieve greater efficiency.

Radius Systems’ recently appointed Logistics Manager, Richard Brown explained: ‘I have worked in logistics for over 30 years and the issues Radius Systems face are common to many businesses. We have identified specific target areas where we can bring improvement to our supply chain logistics operations and have reviewed the ways in which we currently operate. We have started to implement changes to improve our operational performance, which are already generating some positive results.

We have captured the ideas from all levels of the supply chain logistics workforce to develop a roll-out plan, which will allow us to put in place robust solutions to strengthen our processes, whilst prioritising the activities to improve customer experience and address their needs. This will position our business for success now and in the future.”

The process improvement work is being carried out in a strategic way, to minimise the impact on daily business activities. The first phase of the plan has included yard re-surfacing work, which necessitated the movement of over 300 tonnes of pipe stock over one weekend, followed by the reorganisation of pipe storage, supported by the implementation of smarter systems that will improve product identification and retrieval. Substantial investment is taking place with the addition of new pipe mechanical handling side loaders and shunting vehicles to also help reduce loading times and improve Radius’ on time and in full (OTIF) delivery performance.

The testing and validation phase for the new systems took place in October and November, along with employee training and the introduction of improved operating procedures. Full system implementation is planned during December 2017.

Work on the second phase of this ambitious programme, which includes new eco-friendly LED lighting throughout the stockyard, will commence in January 2018, with intended completion during the second half of the year.

If you have any questions on our improvement initiatives, please contact a member of our logistics team at Radius Systems on t: +44 (0)1773 811112 or e: sales@radius-systems.com.

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