Radius Systems extend their innovative Puriton® pipe offering

Following the overwhelming success of our Puriton® barrier pipe system and customer demand for a system with higher pressure capabilities, Radius Systems are extending their Puriton mains pipe range to include pipes up to 180 mm in SDR11 for a maximum operating pressure of 16 bar.

Puriton® is an innovative pipe system developed by Radius Systems for the conveyance of drinking water through contaminated land. The pipe is a multi-layer composite structure barrier pipe, which combines the benefits of polyethylene with the exceptional barrier properties of aluminium, making it the barrier system of choice for the safe distribution of drinking water through brownfield sites, where soil contaminants are often present. The pipe system is fully end load bearing and there is no requirement to post-wrap the joints once made.

Puriton® pipes are approved to the requirements of the newly published BS8588, the British Standard which supersedes the Water Industry Specification WIS-4-32-19. The new SDR11 mains pipe can be joined using Radius Systems’ approved range of pipe jointing technologies.

For more information on our Puriton® barrier pipe and fittings system, please visit the Radius Systems website www.radius-systems.com or alternatively contact our Customer Services team on: t: +44 (0)1773 811112, e: sales@radius-systems.com.

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