Radius Systems introduce new high performance HY100 gas pipe

Radius Systems launch their new high performance HY100 gas pipe to provide a modern and durable solution for low and medium pressure gas networks and pipeline rehabilitation schemes.

The HY100 pipe has been established as a part of a wide range of pipe solutions that Radius Systems offer. Specifically designed for gas distribution, the HY100 is a robust, co-extruded solid wall pipe with a yellow PE80 outer for pipe identification and application recognition and a black PE100 inner. The use of a high performance PE100 material enables Radius to offer an SDR21 pipe with increased gas carrying capacity and a maximum operating pressure of 2 bar. The polyethylene material used for the pipe manufacture provides maximum corrosion resistance therefore offering a long service lifetime, and what’s more is fully compatible with both conventional electrofusion and butt-fusion jointing techniques, providing a fully versatile pipeline solution.

HY100 pipes are manufactured in diameters ranging from 250 to 450 mm within Radius Systems’ ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing facilities and are approved to the UK gas industry specification GIS/PL2-2:2016. Furthermore, the HY100 pipe is fully compatible with approved electrofusion and spigot fittings.

Mark Hunter, Product Support and Marketing Manager said: “We have engaged with our customers to develop a cost effective range of solid wall pipes that combine the strength of PE100 with the yellow colour identification of PE80. The pipe range is fully approved to the UK gas industry specification to meet our customers’ requirements”

For more information on the HY100 gas pipe, please visit the Radius Systems website www.radius-systems.com or alternatively contact your regional sales manager on: t: +44 (0)1773 811112, e: sales@radius-systems.com.

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