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Pipeline Rehabilitation

Discover innovative solutions to enhance your pipeline's integrity. Our cutting-edge polyethylene (PE) lining and coating technologies address leaks, structural issues, and corrosion. Designed for challenging access areas, we prioritise maximum flow capacity and reduced operational costs. Choose Radius Subterra for pipeline excellence and lasting performance.

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Structural and semi-structural close-fit PE lining systems

Choose our semi-structural and structural Rolldown® and Subline™ PE pipe lining systems for corrosion resistance and capacity retention. Ideal for water, wastewater, utility gas networks, and oil and gas systems, our solutions restore integrity, prevent corrosion, and ensure water quality. Tailored to your project's needs, our PE liners come in specific SDRs, supported by our expert team at every project stage. Experience excellence in pipeline protection with Radius Systems.


Explore the RollDown pipe lining system – a robust solution for upgrading weakened mains. With strong walls and full pressure ratings, our PE pipe undergoes controlled reduction, seamlessly integrating into host pipelines.



Explore Subline: Our thin-walled, close-fit polyethylene lining tech for interactive pipeline renovation. Welded on-site, it seamlessly integrates using standard sliplining techniques. With sizes from 75mm to 1600mm, Subline ensures optimal flow capacity, approved for public drinking water.

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Subcote™ spray lining

Subcote™ is an innovative solvent-free solution for In-Situ lining of drinking water pipelines.

Subcote Resin

Experience a breakthrough in pipeline longevity and performance with Subcote Resin Technology - the ultimate defense against corrosion and the key to sustainable, cost-effective water infrastructure renewal.

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A Nationwide Distribution Network

Since 1969 we have developed and manufactured innovative plastic pipeline solutions for the gas industry and these solutions are now commonly used in the water, wastewater, energy & power, district heating and telecoms sectors.