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Subcote™ Resin

Rehabilitating water infrastructure with innovative resin technology & advanced corrosion protection

Experience a breakthrough in pipeline longevity and performance with Subcote Resin Technology - the ultimate defense against corrosion and the key to sustainable, cost-effective water infrastructure renewal.

Subcote FLP spray lining
Lined pipe

Prevent Pipeline Corrosion with Subcote™

In the vanguard of water infrastructure preservation, Subcote resin technology offers a formidable shield against the elements. Applied using only approved centrifugal spray lining equipment, our rapid-set two part polyurethane resin delivers a robust corrosion resistant barrier coating to the internal bore of in-situ potable water pipes with a minimum inside diameter of 100mm. This innovative approach to pipeline rehabilitation breathes new life into existing aged water distribution systems. This pioneering method not only arrests further corrosion and leakage but also reinforces pipeline integrity, significantly enhances water flow and quality, and promises a swift, environmentally-conscious return to service. 

Features & Benefits

Versatile Applications

Our Subcote resin offers versatility in its application. It can be employed as a low-build (1mm thick) non-structural lining, providing a cost-effective solution to address water quality concerns in existing water supply infrastructure pipelines. Additionally, when applied at the recommended thickness, it can serve as a high-build lining, to help eliminate and prevent both existing and anticipated future pipeline leakage issues.

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Leakage Prevention

Subcote resin helps minimise leakage from pipes by sealing corrosion holes, joint gaps, and leaking gaskets. High-build linings of Subcote resin can seal existing corrosion holes and circumferential gaps up to certain dimensions. These high-build linings can extend the service life of existing pipelines, particularly in cases of ongoing external corrosion attacks. They can continue to span corrosion holes, even under pressure, that may penetrate the full host pipe wall section after lining.

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Rapid Return to Service

We've formulated Subcote to cure sufficiently within one hour of application, even at host pipe substrate temperatures as low as 3°C. This means that the pipe can be recommissioned and returned to service on the same day, ensuring a swift restoration of the drinking water supply.


Trenchless Rehabilitation

The trenchless rehabilitation system minimises traffic disruptions and customer inconvenience, significantly reducing the need for extensive reinstatement works. This approach has a minimal impact on service connections, streamlining the entire process.


Environmentally Friendly and Cost-Effective

Our environmentally friendly approach not only offers cost-effective solutions but also aligns with our commitment to supporting our clients in reducing carbon emissions worldwide.

Pipe being sprayed

Approved to the most stringent and recognised national and international standards,

Subcote™ is approved for use in drinking water pipelines worldwide, including: UK,USA, Canada and Australia.

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