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Inflatable Stoppers 'Bagging Off'

Versatile Application

Our bag stop system is engineered to work seamlessly with gas pipelines operating at pressures up to and including 75 millibars (gauge). This innovative technology is compatible with both metallic and polyethylene pipes, covering diameters of up to 36 inches (900mm).

Expertise in Action

When it comes to polyethylene pipes, our skilled technicians utilise our MiniMuss branch saddle technology. This saddle is first expertly fitted to your polyethylene pipe, creating a secure access point for the flow stop tools.

A bypass is thoughtfully constructed and commissioned before the deployment of the flow stop system, ensuring a smooth and controlled process. Our commitment to safety is evident as we deploy the system through the outlet of the saddle.

Polyethylene Pipe Systems (<100 millibar)

Expertly fitted electrofusion saddles for optimal pipeline performance.

Precision-deployed flow stop system with multi-way capabilities for flexibility.

Metallic Pipe Systems under 100 millibar for specialised applications.

Temporary saddles designed for best performance with safety-focused bypass and flow stop.

Non-tap sealing plugs and completion caps for enhanced security and peace of mind.

Metallic Pipe Systems (<100 millibar)

Expertly fitted temporary saddles for peak performance.

Seamless bypass and commissioning process.

Safety-centric flow stop system with multi-way versatility

Non-tap sealing plugs for enhanced security.

Inflatable Bag Stop video

Placeholder for a video of an inflatable bag stop video here

Pipelet Hollow Black

Unlock the next level of pipeline maintenance and efficiency with our flow and line stop solutions. Reach out to our team of experts and discover how we can tailor our technology to your needs. Contact us today!