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Innovative Pipeline Technology

Safe, high-performance gas, water, power and telecoms pipeline solutions for every stage of the lifecycle. Radius Systems, incorporating Radius Subterra and Aeon valves: providing one source, for one solution.
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EasiSlim Now Available!

Now available: EasiSlim, the High-Performance Size-for-Size PE Flange Adapter for water applications

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Pipes & Fittings

Market-leading corrosion-free PE pipes in standard and non-standard sizes including barrier pipe, large diameters, coiled pipes and no dig installation pipeline systems. Plus a vast range of fittings ensures we can match the right product with the pa...

Aeon™ Valves

A wide range of innovative pipeline valves, that enable fast and effective maintenance with minimum site disturbance or service disruption for customers.

Pipeline Services

Our highly skilled and experienced engineers resolve PE and pipeline engineering challenges at every stage of the pipeline lifecycle, including responding to emergency call-outs where safety and service provision is paramount.

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The Pipeline Experts

Meeting and exceeding expectations for utilities and construction

Part of the Radius Group, Radius Systems is proud to be the pipeline experts for the gas, water, energy, power and telecoms sectors. Our track record of success dates back to 1969 when we first developed approved independently tested, long-lasting, non-corrosive PE pipelines which have stood the test of time.

Today, we continue to work closely with our customers, developing modern solutions that meet the evolving demands of the utility and construction sectors. We are known for optimum safety and quality, backed up by deep knowledge and engineering expertise. More than simply innovative pipeline designers and manufacturers, our success is built on our full lifecycle methodology. But it’s our commitment to the very highest standards at every stage that makes us leaders in our field.

Delivering Today, Securing The Future

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For 5+ years, Radius Systems has partnered with the HSE and GDNs to prove the gas pipe network's suitability for hydrogen. We have also developed Hydrogen Now pipe ‘Hyperion’ complemented by a complete approved solution of including fittings and valves.

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Stock Availability

From PE pipes to custom fittings, our expert team ensures your project progresses seamlessly and efficiently. Your satisfaction is our priority; we're dedicated to delivering top-quality solutions for your unique needs.

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Service & Delivery

Our customer service and logistics teams are passionate about delivering the products you need when you need them. We proudly boast a strong reputation for service and delivery, proven by our month-on-month high OTIF scores.

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A Nationwide Distribution Network

Since 1969 we have developed and manufactured innovative plastic pipeline solutions for the gas industry and these solutions are now commonly used in the water, wastewater, energy & power, district heating and telecoms sectors.

Raising the Innovation Bar

At Radius Systems, innovation is at the core of everything we do. We take pride in pushing the boundaries, constantly seeking new solutions, and challenging industry norms. Our unwavering commitment to innovation has made us leaders in the field, driving us to develop cutting-edge products that revolutionise the way we approach water, gas, power and telecom distribution.

Preparing for the future, we have invested heavily in product development, manufacturing capabilities and pipeline service skills in readiness for the water industry's infrastructure investment plans for AMP8 and the gas industry's transition to hydrogen.

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Solution Driven

Radius Systems is passionate about being more than a pipeline products and service company.

We believe in working in partnership with network providers, contractors, regulators, industry bodies and distributors. Through collaboration we are committed to achieving the infrastructure goals of today, while keeping a laser focus on developing the technology and solutions for tomorrow.  

Reducing embodied carbon, leakage and customer disruption.

Increasing energy independence, pipeline resilience and network resilience.

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Sustainability Focused

From product innovations through to sustainably practices.

Not only do our product design and engineering specifications minimise environmental impact, we were early adopters in the first to evolve no-dig applications to ensure a more environmentally conscious and cost-effective solution.

We are committed to mimising our impact on climate change, and building a more sustainable future - from the supply chain we purchase from through to the practices and programs we run.




Our Sustainability Goals

  • To realise our vision of a greener tomorrow, we have outlined clear and actionable sustainability goals.
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Automated Pipe Inspection

  • Factory automation
  • Quality
  • Defect detection
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Pioneering Hydrogen Progress at Radius Systems

  • 5 years partnership with SGN
  • H100 Fife Hydrogen Village
  • 14,000 metres of Hyperion
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Potable Water

Radius Systems and Uisce Eireann partnership

  • Net-Zero 2050
  • Sustainability
  • Partnership
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Radius Systems partners with Axil Integrated Services to achieve sustainability goals through total waste management

  • UK Manufacturer
  • Total Waste Management
  • Axil and Radius Systems

Radius Systems

EUSR Accredited Utility Training by Radius Systems

  • EUSR accredited
  • Radius Systems
  • Develop Training Ltd
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Do Gas Pipes Freeze?

  • Polyethylene (PE) Pipes
  • Cold Weather Advisory
  • Why PE pipes?
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Radius Systems transitions to HVO Fuel

  • HVO Fuel
  • Reducing tCO2
  • Commitment to Sustainability
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Radius Systems Prioritises Employee Wellbeing with Hilcote Site Roadshow

  • Wellbeing Roadshow
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Health and Wellbeing
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Cutting Carbon Together: Utilities Sector Strategies for Net Zero

  • Strategies for Cutting Carbon for Net Zero
Managing Leakage Jeremy Heath
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Cable and Telecoms from Radius Systems CTS

Radius Systems CTS (Cable, Telecoms & Specials), a division of the group, provides leading industry blown fibre and cable ducting solutions for Telecoms, Power and Civils sectors. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Lurgan, Northern Ireland produces a wide range of pipe across sectors including gas and water.