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Pipe & Fittings

Radius Systems is a market-leading manufacturer of corrosion-free PE pipes in standard and non-standard sizes including large diameters, coiled pipes and no-dig installation pipeline systems. Continual investment in the manufacturing processes and product development, enables us to be at the forefront of new pipe innovations such as ProFuse® peelable pipe and Hyperion pipe for Hydrogen. All pipe is manufactured within the UK and Ireland at our factories in Hilcote, Derbyshire, or Lurgan, Northern Ireland.

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Unmatched Quality and Reliability in Pipeline Solutions

In a world demanding precision and durability, Radius Systems stands out as the pinnacle of excellence in pipeline solutions. Our extensive range of fittings is expertly crafted to meet the specific needs of each project, environment, and site, epitomising unmatched quality and reliability.

We offer high-performance electrofusion, pupped, and fabricated fittings, integral to the success of your project by ensuring flawless, leak-proof connections.

At Radius Systems, we merge affordability with quality. Our commitment to cost-effective, top-tier solutions means you don’t have to compromise on excellence.

For unmatched pipeline resilience and reliability, combine Radus Systems pipes with our fittings, ensuring optimal joint integrity and a lasting blend of strength and flexibility.

Choose Radius Systems for indispensable quality. We're not just creating pipelines; we're building a future anchored in excellence and reliability. Trust Radius for quality and innovation in every connection.

Our Pipes and Fittings

Hydrogen Hyperion Pipe by Radius Systems min

Hyperion Hydrogen Pipe

Hyperion, the pioneering gas pipe from Radius Systems developed in partnership with the HSE, Ofgem and GDNs is dedicated for the transportation of hydrogen gas. The unique blue stripe makes this pipe easy identify that a blend or 100% hydrogen is con...


Pro Fuse Gas BK pipe in stock 1

ProFuse Gas Pipe

Discover the exceptional ProFuse® pipeline technology, setting new standards in durability and efficiency. With its innovative damage-absorbing skin and user-friendly jointing, ProFuse® promises pristine jointing and unparalleled performance. Crafted...



Pro Fuse water BK 42

ProFuse Water Pipe

Discover ProFuse by Radius Systems, the leading high-performance peelable pipe solution designed for superior joint integrity, damage protection, and cost savings. Compliant with industry standards, ProFuse® offers unique peelable polypropylene skin ...



SC80 Gas

SC80 (PE80) Gas Pipe

Explore our SC80 service pipes, designed for consistent reliability in gas infrastructure. Combining industry-standard quality with lightweight flexibility, these pipes promise easy installation and cost efficiency. Ideal for new setups, replacements...



SC80 light blue pipe

SC80 (PE80) Water Pipe

Radius Systems presents SC80 (PE80) service pipes, the premier solution for drinking water distribution. Combining quality and flexibility, these color-coded polyethylene pipes ensure easy identification and versatile installation options. With strin...



Servi Flex

ServiFlex Flexible Rehabilitation Gas Pipe

Discover the ServiFlex® difference in gas service pipe rehabilitation. Offering a blend of innovation and sustainability, ServiFlex® efficiently addresses challenges with ageing metallic mains and intricate pipes. By combining cutting-edge no-dig tec...



Electrofusion Fittings Gas

Gas Electrofusion Fittings

High-Performance Gas Electrofusion Fittings: Engineered with precision, Radius Systems' electrofusion fittings deliver top-tier jointing solutions, ensuring durability and efficiency for PE pipelines. Boasting over 100 years of service life, patented...


Mains pipe BK core

Puriton Barrier Pipe

Welcome to the 21st-century solution for contaminated land. Radius Systems presents the Puriton® Barrier Pipe, a cutting-edge pipe system that combines the best of materials and technology to ensure the safe distribution of drinking water even in cha...



SC100 (PE100) Gas Pipe

Discover our SC100 solid wall polyethylene pipes, crafted for superior jointing integrity across diverse applications, especially for medium gas pressure. Experience lightweight flexibility, seamless welding, and minimal maintenance, ensuring longevi...



SC100 PE Water pipe

SC100 (PE100) Water Pipe

Explore SC100 mains pipes by Radius Systems, the benchmark in water pipeline solutions crafted from high-quality PE100 materials. With a unique colour-coded design, easy installation, and stringent industry approvals, SC100 offers reliability and per...



IMG 3261

Universal Black PE100 Pipe

Our universal black pipes are engineered from high-performance polyethylene, featuring a robust solid wall construction. With diameters spanning from 20 to 1200 mm, available in a range of SDRs and pressure ratings, these pipes are tailor-made for ev...


Universal Black (PE100) Pipe

Redman coupler 1

Redman Fittings

Radius Systems’ Redman™ fittings are a unique jointing solution to quickly and easily connect our Puriton® barrier pipe to deliver complete protection to drinking water when installed in brownfield sites. Simple to install with little pipe preparatio...


Clean Pipe seal 37

CleanPipe Factory Sealed Pipe

Our latest innovation, CleanPipe™, is a testament to that commitment. CleanPipe™ is a specially designed range of factory-sealed coils that go above and beyond in ensuring the purity of your water supply.


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Water Electrofusion Fittings

Crafted with the utmost care and designed for effortless assembly, our electrofusion fittings offer specifiers and installers a high-performance jointing solution that elevates the efficiency and integrity of the entire PE pipeline system.