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Our innovative close-fit pipe lining system designed for the efficient renovation of weakened mains. With thick walls and full pressure ratings, RollDown utilises standard PE pipe, undergoes a 10% diameter reduction, seamlessly integrates into host pipelines, and reverts to its original diameter when pressurised.

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Elevate your pipeline efficiency with RollDown.

Our robust close-fit pipe lining system, featuring thick walls and full pressure ratings, excels in renovating structurally weakened mains. Utilising standard PE pipe, butt-fusion welded into appropriate lengths, it undergoes a diameter reduction of approximately 10% through roller sets. This stable, reduced-diametre liner seamlessly integrates into host pipelines via conventional sliplining techniques. Once pressurised with cold water, it reverts to its original diameter, preserving capacity and forming a snug fit within the host pipe. With polyethylene pipe sizes from 100mm to 500mm, RollDown ensures maximum flow capacity, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to open-cut replacements. Approved for public drinking water and gas applications, this fully pressure-rated stand-alone pipe guarantees efficient installation with butt-fusion welding options. 

Features & Benefits

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Innovative Sizing Solutions

Experience effortless procurement with RollDown—a game-changer for non-standard pipe sizes. Simply order the closest standard size and let RollDown's technology deliver a precise, cost-effective fit.

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Precision Fit for Angular Gaps

Navigating angular gaps becomes a breeze with RollDown. By applying pressure to the pipe during installation, RollDown guarantees a snug fit, ensuring that angular gaps align seamlessly within the inside diameter, maintaining structural integrity.

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Minimum Environmental & Social Disruption

Minimise disruption to services, reduce imported fill needs, and cut landfill disposal. Small site footprint ensures minimal disturbance compared to open-cut pipe replacement.


Rolldown benefits brochure - (PDF)