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Redman Fittings

Radius Systems’ hydraulic compression Redman™ Fittings are a unique jointing solution to quickly and easily connect our Puriton® barrier pipe to deliver complete protection to drinking water when installed in brownfield sites. Simple to install with little pipe preparation, the Redman joint can be made in all weather conditions, even with water in the pipeline.

Redman coupler 1

Fitting Material

Steel and copper

Diameter Range

63 mm to 180 mm


Potable water

Compliance / Approvals


Jointing Techniques

Mechanical hydraulic compression

Jointing Equipment

Redman hydraulic pump

Fitting Types

Couplers, repair couplers, elbows, flange adaptors, adaptors

Jointing Solution for Puriton Barrier Pipe

Available in diameters 63 to 180mm, our Redman fittings offer a robust, leak-free jointing solution. The joint is made by simply pressurising the outer shell of the fitting using a dedicated hydraulic pump and once made, the Redman fitting provides a ‘fit and forget’, end-load-bearing and corrosion resistant joining solution.


  • WRAS approved product (Approval Number 1811317)
  • KIWA UK approved product in compliance with UK Water Supply
  • Regulations (certificate number 1811712)
  • WRAS approved materials in contact with drinking water (Approval Number 1910523)
  • Our Redman Fittings are a jointing method specified in BS8588 certificate KM672956

Key Features & Benefits

Easy Installation

Easy installation with manual hydraulic pump; no nuts, bolts, or extensive pipe preparation.


Durable "fit-and-forget" and end-load bearing jointing suitable for wet or submerged repairs.

Enhanced Resistance

Enhanced resistance: chemical, corrosion, and safeguarded potable water conveyance with Rilsan® coating.


Eco-friendly approach with biodegradable hydraulic oil and rigorous in-house quality control.

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A Nationwide Distribution Network

Since 1969 we have developed and manufactured innovative plastic pipeline solutions for the gas industry and these solutions are now commonly used in the water, wastewater, energy & power, district heating and telecoms sectors.