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Pipeline Rehabilitation

Unlock unparalleled expertise in fortifying your pipeline's integrity. Our polyethylene (PE) lining and coating technologies combat leaks, structural dilemmas, and corrosion with unmatched precision. Engineered to conquer even the most inaccessible areas, we focus on optimising flow capacity and slashing operational expenditures. Entrust Radius Subterra for unrivaled pipeline supremacy and enduring reliability.

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Structural and semi-structural close-fit PE lining systems

Opt for our Rolldown and Subline PE pipe lining systems, the epitome of strength and resilience, for unmatched corrosion resistance and capacity retention. Perfectly suited for water, wastewater, utility gas networks, and oil and gas systems. Tailored precisely to your project's needs, our PE liners boast specific SDRs, backed by our team of experts who ensure excellence at every stage.


Our RollDown system is the pinnacle of pipeline renovation, boasting thick walls and full pressure ratings to strengthen weakened mains. Using standard PE pipe, it undergoes a diameter reduction of approximately 10% through roller sets, seamlessly integrating into host pipelines via conventional sliplining techniques. With polyethylene pipe sizes from 100mm to 500mm, RollDown ensures maximum flow capacity, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to open-cut replacements. Elevate your pipeline efficiency with RollDown. Click to learn more

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Our Subline technology revolutionises pipeline renovation with its thin-walled, close-fit polyethylene lining. Welded on-site into long lengths, the pipe transforms into a compact cross-section, seamlessly integrating into host pipelines using standard sliplining techniques. Boasting bespoke sizes from 75mm to 1600mm, Subline ensures optimal flow capacity with its corrosion-resistant barrier, offering material cost savings and versatility. Explore Subline for a tailored approach to pipeline enhancement. Click to learn more

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Subcote™ spray lining

Subcote™ is an innovative solvent-free solution for In-Situ lining of drinking water pipelines.

Subcote Resin

Experience a breakthrough in pipeline longevity and performance with Subcote Resin Technology - the ultimate defense against corrosion and the key to sustainable, cost-effective water infrastructure renewal.

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