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Our thin-walled, close-fit polyethylene lining technology for pipeline rehabilitation. Welded on-site into extended lengths, it seamlessly integrates into host pipelines, offering a semi-structural solution through standard sliplining techniques.

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Transforming Pipeline Rehabilitation with Thin-Walled Polyethylene Lining Technolog

Our cutting-edge polyethylene lining that goes beyond redefining pipeline renovation. This fully pressure-rated stand-alone pipe is a close-fit smooth bore polyethylene liner, ensuring maximum flow capacity. Welded on-site, Subline™ seamlessly integrates into host pipelines, guaranteeing optimal flow capacity. With bespoke sizes (75mm-1600mm), corrosion resistance, and the capability to navigate bends up to 45°, Subline™ is not just a smart and versatile solution – it's the future of efficient, durable pipeline solutions. Notably, Subline™ allows for butt fusion welding before or after the diameter reduction process, showcasing its adaptability and enhancing installation flexibility.

Key Features & Benefits

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Interactive Pipe Liner

Averts the need for disruptive excavations or replacements. A cost-effective, minimally invasive, and enduring solution that promises years of hassle-free operation.

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Advanced Thin-Walled Lining for Enhanced Pipeline Performance

Subline offers thin-walled polyethylene lining, utilising host pipe structure for higher pressure. Seamless integration, corrosion resistance, and adaptability make it a cost-effective solution for efficient pipeline enhancement.

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Precision Fit Solutions with Tailor-Made Subline Pipe Lining

Crafted to exact specifications, Subline delivers tailor-made pipe solutions, ensuring a close fit that is pressure-tight, meeting specific host pipe requirements for unparalleled performance.

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Subline PF & DR Information - (PDF)