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Complimentary Services

Elevate your pipeline experience with Radius Subterra's precision-driven complementary services. From state-of-the-art CCTV inspection to seamless WECO seal removal, our innovative technologies optimise inspection processes and streamline seal removal, guaranteeing unparalleled efficiency and expertise.

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Our CCTV Inspection Services

Transform your pipeline inspections with our CCTV Inspection Services. Enhanced by innovative Bag Stop Technology, we set the standard for precision in examining pipeline sections. With VGC camera inspection for large diameter mains, we offer efficient assessment of up to 140 meters, minimising excavations. We are committed to providing a clearer view of your pipeline for informed decision-making. Count on our expertise to identify issues, plan maintenance, and ensure the long-term integrity of your infrastructure.

VGC Camera Inspection

For large diameter mains, our VGC camera inspection services are the ideal solution. With the capability to assess longer sections of up to 140 meters, we minimise the need for extensive excavations, saving you time and resources.

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WECO Seal Removal

Experience efficient pipeline rehabilitation with Radius Subterra's WECO Seal Removal services. As pioneers in the field, we redefine industry standards by providing cost-effective solutions tailored to your pipeline challenges. WECO seals, vital for maintaining pipeline integrity, have been utilised since the 1960s. However, when it's time for slip lining or seal repair, our innovative removal techniques ensure seamless operations. Trust us to deliver efficient solutions for your pipeline needs.

Watch a WECO Seal Removal in action

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WECO Seal Removal

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