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Our Line Stop Technologies

Elevate your pipeline operations with Radius Subterra's cutting-edge line stop technology for both PE and metallic pipelines on all applications. From the industry-leading MiniMuss Line Stop to versatile options like Inflatable Bag Stop, IRIS, Stoppling, and Squeeze Off, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. Available for low, medium and up to 7 bar pressure.

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Discover the optimal, cost-effective solution for safe line stopping.

Introducing Minimuss Line Stop (MLS) – the game-changer for 3 to 8-inch gas pipelines. Say goodbye to concrete tees and hello to full valve recovery, slashing installation time by a day. With MLS, reduce network costs, ensure safety without heavy lifting, and eliminate welding and x-rays. Plus, with pressure monitoring and reusable components, MLS is the ultimate in efficiency and savings. Accept nothing but the best .

Transform Your Pipeline Operations

Step into a new era of pipeline efficiency with Minimuss Line Stop (MLS). Bid farewell to costly downtime and inefficient installations. MLS streamlines your operations, eliminating the need for concrete tees and cutting installation time by a day. Embrace the game-changer your pipeline deserves.

Prioritise Safety, Minimise Costs

Safety and efficiency reign supreme with MLS. Say goodbye to heavy lifting over mains and the hassle of welding and x-rays on steel pipes. MLS ensures maximum safety while keeping costs to a minimum. Embrace peace of mind and bid adieu to unnecessary expenses.

Stay Ahead with Real-time Monitoring

Keep a vigilant eye on your pipeline's health with MLS's cutting-edge pressure monitoring system. With constant monitoring in the main and bags, you're always in control. Plus, with reusable components, MLS delivers cost savings while guaranteeing reliability.

Redefine Efficiency

Efficiency is at the core of MLS. From reducing network costs to ensuring full valve recovery and slashing installation time, MLS sets the benchmark for efficiency. Trust MLS to revolutionise your pipeline operations and propel your business to new heights.

Check out a GDN procurement staff's take on MLS

"All good, no issues, 100% seal at the primary bag with zero reading following cold cuts. Very impressed.’"

Subterra MLS

Inflatable Bag Stop

The ultimate solution for low-pressure gas pipelines. With our innovative 'bagging-off' technology, you can effectively seal pipelines with ease. Our specially designed bags, deployed through branch saddles, accommodate pipelines up to 630 mm and 42 inches in diameter.

Seamless Pipeline Sealing

Our Inflatable Stoppers offer seamless sealing for low-pressure gas pipelines. With innovative 'bagging-off' technology, you can trust our solution to effectively seal pipelines up to 630 mm and 42 inches in diameter, minimising leaks and ensuring pipeline integrity.

Minimal Disruption, Maximum Efficiency

Say goodbye to costly downtime and inefficient installations. With our Inflatable Stoppers, you can minimise disruptions to your operations while maximising efficiency. Trust our technology to streamline your pipeline sealing process and keep your operations running smoothly.

Versatile Deployment Options

Our Inflatable Stoppers are deployed through branch saddles, offering versatility and ease of use. Whether you're working with pipelines of varying diameters or configurations, our solution adapts to your needs, ensuring a seamless sealing process every time.

Enhanced Safety, Optimal Performance

Ensure maximum safety and performance with our Inflatable Stoppers. By effectively sealing low-pressure gas pipelines, you can minimise the risk of leaks and accidents while optimising pipeline performance. Trust our technology to deliver reliable results and keep your operations safe and efficient.

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IRIS Line Stop / Squeeze Off

Subterra IRIS Line Stop

IRIS Line Stop

The solution for medium-pressure gas pipelines. With its innovative 'expandable fan' design, used in conjunction with safety bags, IRIS ensures safe and efficient pipeline maintenance and modifications. Available in sizes ranging from 4" to 48"

Subterra squeezeoff

Squeeze Off

Designed for gas and water PE pipes, available for pipes up to 500 mm in diameter. This technique allows for the temporary isolation of pipeline sections during maintenance, repairs, or emergencies.

Folding Head Plug "Stoppling"

Introducing the Folding Head Plug, also known as stoppling—a technique mastered by Radius Subterra. Designed for both PE and metallic pipes, this method is our specialty, reflecting our unparalleled expertise in pipeline operations. With standard diameters covered—up to 2 bar for pipes from 2 to 36 inches, and up to 7 bar for pipes from 3 to 36 inches—we've got you covered, no matter the pressure. Plus, we offer options for non-standard PE liner sizes, showcasing our commitment to versatility and tailored solutions.

Pipeline Integrity Assurance

Ensure the integrity of your pipeline with stoppling. By effectively halting the flow of fluids or gases, this technique allows for safe and controlled maintenance, preventing potential leaks or damage.

Operational Continuity

Maintain uninterrupted operations with stoppling. By swiftly stopping flow in the pipeline during maintenance or repair activities, downtime is minimised, ensuring continuous operation of your pipeline network.

Versatile Application

Benefit from the versatility of stoppling. Suitable for both PE and metallic pipes, and with options for various diameters and pressure requirements, it offers a flexible solution adaptable to different pipeline systems.

Cost-Efficient Solution

Optimise your maintenance budget with stoppling. By minimising downtime and the need for extensive excavation or equipment, this technique offers cost-effective solutions for pipeline maintenance and repair.

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