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PE and Metallic Under-Pressure Connections

Need pipeline connections without the hassle? Our wealth of expertise in live main connections saves you time and costs, with zero interruptions and minimal disruption. From PE to metallic networks, trust us for swift, reliable solutions, validated for integrity and peace of mind.

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Your Gas and Water Supply, Uninterrupted. Always.

Strategically ensuring seamless under-pressure gas and water connections is our game. Whether it's for new construction, extensions, or emergency fixes, we've got you covered. With our expertly crafted connections to live mains on PE or metallic pipeline networks, we save you time, cut costs, and keep disruptions to a minimum. 

Seamless Connections

Whether it's constructing a new pipeline or repairing an existing one, traditional methods can be a hassle. Our expertise lies in crafting connections to live mains with precision and efficiency. Say goodbye to interruptions and disruptions with our specially designed branch saddles and under-pressure tees.

Time & Cost Savings

Time is money, especially in pipeline operations. Our one-stop national service streamlines the process, saving you valuable time and reducing operational costs. With minimal disruptions and small excavations, we ensure efficient and cost-effective solutions every time.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Keeping your customers happy is our priority. Our expertly crafted connections not only save you time and money but also ensure minimal disruption to your customers' lives. Experience peace of mind knowing that your pipeline connections are backed by our comprehensive QA system and reporting technology.

Integrity & Reliability

Don't compromise on the integrity of your pipeline connections. Our pressure tests and commissioning processes, validated in our advanced reporting system, guarantee the integrity and reliability of every connection we make. Trust us for unmatched quality and peace of mind.

Cutting-Edge Electrofusion Solutions

Elevate your game with Radius Subterra's cutting-edge electrofusion branch saddles. Our innovative range eliminates the need for expensive squeeze-off methods, offering seamless integration into PE pipelines of any size. With industry-standard approvals, our branch saddles ensure maximum fusion integrity and reduced excavation sizes.

Industry-Approved Excellence

Rest easy knowing that our electrofusion branch saddles meet all major industry standards, including EN 12201, EN 1555, and GIS/PL2-4. With individual approvals available upon request, Radius Subterra ensures compliance and peace of mind.

Maximum Performance, Minimum Risk

Experience unmatched fusion integrity with our single welded joint design, suitable for pipelines up to 1200mm in size. Reducing the risk of third-party damage and ensuring maximum fitting integrity.

Versatile Solutions for Every Application

From gas to water applications, our electrofusion branch saddles have you covered. With reduced excavation sizes and a security strap for added peace of mind, Radius Subterra offers versatile solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Minimuss Branch Saddles

Explore the innovative solution to minimise environmental impact in pipeline construction with our robust Minimuss Branch Saddles, suitable for gas and water applications. Click for more information on how Minimuss Branch Saddles can streamline your projects.

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Seamless Metallic Pipeline Solutions

Experience uninterrupted operations with our expertise in metallic pipeline solutions. Our under-pressure drilling service ensures seamless work on live gas or water pipelines, minimising disruptions to your customers. Approved for both gas and water applications, our service covers a range of metallic pipelines, offering quick installation with minimal excavation. With options including under pressure tees, callipering service, and comprehensive site reports, we've got you covered from start to finish

Versatile Solutions for Every Pipeline

From cast iron to ductile iron, steel, and asbestos cement pipelines, our under-pressure drilling service covers it all. Approved for both gas and water applications, we offer versatile solutions tailored to your specific pipeline needs.

Minimal Disruption

Trust in our expertise to maintain uninterrupted operations with our under-pressure drilling service. Whether it's gas or water pipelines, our solutions ensure minimal disruption to your customers, allowing you to carry out essential work without interruption.

Comprehensive Service, Peace of Mind

With options including under pressure tees, callipering service, and detailed site reports complete with pressure tests, our service offers everything you need for a seamless pipeline operation. Trust us for comprehensive solutions and peace of mind throughout the process.

Efficient Installation, Reduced Downtime

Say goodbye to lengthy installation processes. Our under-pressure drilling service minimises excavation and reduces installation time, ensuring efficient operations with minimal downtime for your pipeline projects.

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