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Pressure Testing and Commissioning

Our comprehensive services, including hydrostatic, pneumatic, and advanced pressure testing, ensure industry-standard resilience for your gas and water mains. With certified technicians and nationwide coverage, trust us for meticulous testing and chlorination services, delivering unparalleled expertise and results.

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Our array of services, from hydrostatic, pneumatic, to advanced pressure testing, guarantees industry-standard resilience for your gas and water mains. Count on our certified technicians and nationwide reach for meticulous testing and chlorination services, delivering unmatched expertise and results.

Pipeline Pressure Testing

Offering a full spectrum of hydrostatic, pneumatic, and advanced (acoustic) pressure testing services for your gas and water polyethylene or metallic mains, we set the standard for excellence. Our GNO2, Gas Safe, or City & Guilds qualified technicians, armed with cutting-edge equipment, ensure that every test is executed flawlessly to industry standards. With strategic facilities spanning the UK, our nationwide reach ensures prompt and reliable pressure testing and chlorination services.

Advanced Acoustic Pressure Test (AAPT)

Discover the future of pressure testing with Radius Subterra's AAPT technology. Our innovative system revolutionises testing, saving up to 75% of your time with pinpoint accuracy.

Utilising cutting-edge acoustic technology, it includes built-in creep compensation for PE pipes, ensuring precision. The user-friendly AAPT system streamlines the testing process, generating test certificates automatically for speed and simplicity. Trust Radius Subterra for fast, accurate, and hassle-free pressure testing solutions.

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Hydrostatic Pressure Test

Ensuring integrity for water and gas mains. Conducted to WRc, BS EN 805, and Gas Industry Standards, it proves the resilience of your system. With meticulous data logging, certification, and environmentally compliant water disposal.

Pneumatic Pressure Test

Ensuring leak-tightness for polyethylene or metallic gas mains. With drying operations per IGE/TD2/Ed4, meticulous data logging, and full certification. Additionally, we offer hydrostatic proving tests for intermediate pressure gas mains.

Chlorination of Water Pipelines

Our competent Water Hygiene and City & Guilds certified technicians offer chlorination and de-chlorination services for water pipelines, ensuring adherence to your specifications or industry guidelines. Utilising fully equipped mobile units and specialist equipment such as water tanks and calibrated trailers, we employ sodium hypochlorite for chlorination and sodium bisulphite for de-chlorination.

Specialised Equipment and Expertise

Our fully equipped mobile units, specialist dosing trailers, and certified technicians ensure precise chlorination and de-chlorination tailored to your requirements.

Maintained Water Supply Integrity

Through rigorous testing and adherence to industry standards, we safeguard the integrity of your water supply, providing peace of mind.

Comprehensive Testing and Certification

With water sampling, laboratory testing, full data logging, and chlorination certification, we offer a comprehensive solution, guaranteeing safety and compliance.

Environmental Compliance

From the addition of chemicals to the safe disposal of de-chlorinated water, we prioritise environmental responsibility, ensuring adherence to Environmental Regulations throughout the process.

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