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Puriton® Barrier Pipe System

Step into the future of pipe systems with Puriton®, a cutting-edge solution crafted for the challenges of the 21st century. This pipe, born from the fusion of polyethylene (PE) flexibility and aluminium's (Al) superior barrier properties, stands as a testament to innovation in ensuring the safe distribution of drinking water through contaminated land.

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The 21st Century Pipe System for Contaminated Land.

Lightweight, flexible, corrosion resistant and easy to install our
Puriton® pipe is joined using our range of approved mechanical,
Redman™ or electrofusion fittings as well as the butt-fusion
technique for Puriton® pipe 90mm and above, without the need to
post-wrap the finished joint.

Puriton Main & Service Pipes

Mains pipe BK core

Puriton Mains Pipe

The PE100 market leading pipeline solution for the provision of potable water in brownfield and contaminated land applications, Puriton® Barrier Pipe delivers a fully integrated barrier system in the most challenging of ground conditions.

Puriton service pipes

Puriton Service Pipe

Discover peace of mind with Puriton Service Pipes, designed with a construction of PE80 for optimal strength and durability. These pipes ensure a secure and reliable solution for various applications.

Features & Benefits

Advanced Construction

Puriton boasts a multi-layer pipe construction (PE-Al-PE) that provides a robust barrier for the safe distribution of drinking water through contaminated land.

Full Barrier Protection

As a complete barrier pipe system, Puriton combines the flexibility of polyethylene with the superior barrier properties of aluminum, ensuring the safeguarding of drinking water quality.

Ease of Handling

Lightweight, flexible, and end-load resistant, Puriton simplifies installation, offering cost savings by eliminating the need for thrust blocks and post-wrapping of joints.

Versatile Application

Suitable for both new and replacement drinking water supply systems, Puriton is identifiable by brown stripes, denoting its multi-layer construction for enhanced reliability.

Puriton Fittings

Redman coupler 1

Redman Fittings

Radius Systems’ hydraulic compression Redman™ Fittings are a unique jointing solution to quickly and easily connect our Puriton® barrier pipe to deliver complete protection to drinking water when installed in brownfield sites.

Electrofusion Fittings Gas

Electrofusion Fittings

Crafted with the utmost care and designed for effortless assembly, our electrofusion fittings offer specifiers and installers a high-performance jointing solution that elevates the efficiency and integrity of the entire PE pipeline system.

All service fittings

Puriton Mechanical Fittings

Our range of Mechanical Fittings (25-63mm). From versatile couplers to fittings like couplers x Copper, Couplers x Metric PE, 45-degree elbows, Equal Tees, 90-degree elbows, Reducers, end caps & male and female adaptors.

Contact us

Ready to enhance your pipeline solution with Puriton®? 

Contact us at Radius Systems for expert guidance and comprehensive information. Give us a call on +44 (0)1773 811112 or reach out to Leigh Bodley, our dedicated specialist representative, to discuss how Puriton® can elevate your project. Your pathway to advanced pipeline solutions starts here!

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Puriton Electrofusion Jointing - (PDF)

Puriton Plasson Mechanical Fitting Jointing Instructions - (PDF)

Puriton Tapping Tee Jointing Plasson Outlet - (PDF)

Puriton II butt-fusion jointing - (PDF)

Puriton® brochure - (PDF) Contains technical data, jointing methods & guidance all the way to FAQs