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ServiFlex Flexible Rehabilitation Gas Pipe

Radius Systems presents ServiFlex, an innovative flexible pipe that consists of a PE80 twin wall corrugated flexible pipe liner system. This is specifically designed for the for rehabilitating 1” and ¾” metallic service pipes, overcoming the limitations of conventional PE pipes in complex layouts.

Servi Flex



Pipe Material


Pipe Colour


Diameter Range

20 mm

Max Operating Pressure

75 milli bar


50 m


Pipe rehabilitation

Jointing Equipment

Special equipment required for pipe insertion

Installation Techniques

Pipe insertion

Streamlining Rehabilitation with Efficient, Leak-Tight Pipe Solutions

At its core, ServiFlex offers leak-tight reliability, combining the structural stability of the host pipe with a leak-free PE liner, ensuring robust, long-lasting service pipe integrity. ServiFlex stands out for its efficient, minimal disruption approach, using no-dig pipe insertion techniques and flexible PE pipes that accommodate directional changes, reducing the need for extra fittings and joints.

Championing Eco-Friendly Gas Pipe Rehabilitation with Reduced Carbon Footprint

Beyond its technical prowess, ServiFlex embodies environmental responsibility, significantly reducing carbon footprint and excavation disruptions. For example there is a 28.3% reduction in CO2 emissions when using ServiFlex 400 mm.

Key Features & Benefits

Minimal Disruption, Maximum Efficiency

With no-dig pipe insertion and flexible PE pipes, ServiFlex offers an efficient solution that minimizes disruption and fitting requirements.

Leak-Tight Reliability

ServiFlex combines the host pipe's structural stability with a leak-free PE liner, ensuring robust and enduring service pipe integrity.

Eco-Friendly Rehabilitation with ServiFlex

ServiFlex significantly reduces carbon footprint and excavation disruptions, exemplifying sustainable innovation in pipeline rehabilitation.

Innovative & Sustainable

Choosing ServiFlex aligns with a commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability in gas service pipe rehabilitation.


ServiFlex® - Product brochure (PDF)

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