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50 years of innovative plastic pipeline solutions.

Since 1969 we have developed and manufactured innovative plastic pipeline solutions for the gas industry and these solutions are now commonly used in the water, wastewater, energy & power, district heating and telecoms sectors.  

We work closely with our customers to develop tailored solutions to meet the demanding needs of today’s construction and utility industries, with safety and quality at the top of our priorities to deliver products for today and tomorrow’s pipeline challenges.

“Our ability to produce the safest and best quality products, and to continue to do so in the future, rests entirely on the activities of our people and their dedication to our customers.”

Andy Taylor, CEO

Radius Subterra

Radius Subterra is our pipeline services division, who, with their teams of expert engineers and skilled technicians are able to provide you with engineering services at site to facilitate the diversion, extension or alteration, repair or replacement of your pipeline. With services including live connections, flow-stopping operations, pressure testing and commissioning as well as innovative pipe lining technologies, Radius Subterra facilitate your planned or emergency work and restore integrity to your damaged pipelines so they last a lifetime.

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Radius Systems CTS (Cable, Telecoms & Specials)

Radius CTS is our specialist cable, telecoms and ducting manufacturer based at our facility in Lurgan, Northern Ireland. Radius CTS have been supplying telecoms systems since 1988 and Fibre-to-the-x (FTTx) since 2002.  With their dedicated telecoms centre of excellence where their resident team of expert engineers make use of state of the art technology, they supply many of the world's top telecom operators, integrators and installers with traditional Telecoms Ducting such as HDPE sub duct, HDPE twin wall, uPVC and PP main duct, as well as next generation access products for FTTx Microtubing and composite Access Chambers which are suitable for use across various utilities.

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