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Aeon Valves

The world's foremost provider of cutting-edge valve and fitting solutions

Setting the industry standard for over two and a half decades. Our unwavering commitment to innovation and technological advancement has propelled us to the forefront of the field, making us your trusted partner for all your valve and fitting needs.

Potable Water

Our Aeon valves are at the forefront of developing valve technologies that define the future of efficient water management. Our commitment extends beyond engineering excellence to embrace environmental sustainability. Each valve is a testament to our dedication to quality, embodying innovation and eco-responsibility. Dive into our world where advanced technology meets a deep commitment to our planet’s well-being.

Industry Leaders in Water Valve Solutions

Our innovation leads the way in crafting valve solutions tailor-made for water systems. Committed to operational excellence, we engineer high-quality valves that align with our eco-conscious philosophy for resource preservation and environmental protection.

Sustaining the Environment with Every Valve

Quality is at the heart of our valves, thanks to enduring partnerships with top-tier suppliers. Our components and coatings not only elevate valve performance but also underscore our commitment to lasting environmental sustainability.

About Aeon

Radius Systems with Aeon Valves has been the leading provider of advanced valve solutions for over 25 years. Our commitment to pioneering innovation ensures we remain at the cutting edge, meeting your needs in the gas, water, and fire protection industries with precision-engineered gate valves.

Spanning the UK, Poland, and the UAE, Aeon Valves offers a robust network, guaranteeing world-class service wherever you are. For expertise you can rely on and quality you can trust, choose Aeon Valves.

Explore the excellence of Aeon. Click here for more about our legacy of quality and innovation in valve technology.

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