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Case Studies

Discover the effectiveness of Radius Systems through our case studies. Witness the real-world challenges and innovative solutions delivered by our Group companies. Each study showcases our commitment to advancing systems with precision and sustainability, providing you with actionable insights and confidence in our expertise.

Radius Systems

SEAMUS mehhh case study thumbnail

ProFuse® Water Pipe Benefits: ControlPoint Scores

In this video Seamus McAndrew MD of McAndrews Utilities talks about the benefits that they have experienced with using ProFuse peelable pipe from Radius Systems, including higher scores on ControlPoints.

Black Rod Case study thumbnail

Network Plus and Cadent Gas: ProFuse® Peelable Pipe from Radius for Project in Blackrod

A 630mm gas pipe project completed with remarkable efficiency and quality, showcasing our advanced, reliable peelable pipe technology for the future of gas supply. Click to watch the full story.

Thumbail ireland

Phoenix Energy and Kier Utilities Chose 7 Bar Gas Pipe for Newtownabbey gas network reinforcement

In this video filmed at Newtownabbey Northern Ireland in summer 2023, Phoenix Energy were installing some 450mm diameter SDR 11 7 bar gas pipe from Radius Systems.


Radius Systems & SGN: The H100 Fife Project

World's First Green Hydrogen Homes: Partnering with SGN for over five years, we're fueling homes with clean energy via our Hyperion pipes in the pioneering H100 Fife Project. Click to see the future in action.

Radius Subterra

F Insbury park for case study new website

Finsbury Park

Radius Subterra’s bespoke Minimuss saddle transforms London's water network with minimal excavation and zero supply disruption. Discover the seamless integration of tradition and innovation. Click for the full story.


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Walbrzych Water

Work undertaken by and on behalf of Walbrzych Water Association, Walbrzych, Poland as part of their ongoing asset/water quality improvement programme

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Oslo Water

In the Høybråten area, a 5.1km pipeline renovation by NCC for Oslo Water utilised Subcote FLP's trenchless technology, achieving leak reduction and extended pipe longevity without digging disruptions.