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Complimentary Services

Experience precision with Radius Subterra's complimentary services, including cutting-edge CCTV inspection and WECO seal removal. Our innovative technologies enhance inspection and streamline seal removal, ensuring efficient pipeline expertise.

Complimentary Services

Our CCTV Inspection Services

Our CCTV Inspection Services, enhanced by innovative Bag Stop Technology, redefine precision in examining pipeline sections.

Paired with VGC camera inspection for large diameter mains, we offer efficient assessment of up to 140 meters, minimizing excavations. At Radius Subterra, we believe that a clearer view of your pipeline is the key to informed decision-making. Our CCTV inspection services provide that clarity, allowing you to identify issues, plan maintenance, and ensure the long-term integrity of your infrastructure.

Bag Stop Technology

We take inspection to the next level by combining it with our innovative bag stop technology. This allows us to inspect pipe sections with precision and efficiency, ensuring that every aspect of your pipeline is thoroughly examined.

VGC Camera Inspection

For large diameter mains, our VGC camera inspection services are the ideal solution. With the capability to assess longer sections of up to 140 meters, we minimise the need for extensive excavations, saving you time and resources.

Cctv subterra

WECO Seal Removal

At Radius Subterra, we are dedicated to redefining pipeline rehabilitation, and our WECO seal removal services are a testament to that commitment.

As a core technology complemented by our specialised services, we aim to provide you with cost-effective and efficient solutions for your pipeline challenges

Understanding WECO Seals

WECO seals have been an integral part of trenchless pipe rehabilitation since the 1960s. These internal pipe seals, secured in place by retaining steel bands, have played a crucial role in maintaining pipeline integrity.

However, when it comes to slip lining or repairing damaged seals, the need for their removal arises. That's where our innovative and cost-effective removal system, developed by Radius Subterra, comes into play.

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Watch a WECO Seal Removal in action

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WECO Seal Removal

Subterra Hollow Stack

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