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Radius Systems transitions to HVO Fuel

We are proud to announce that we are accelerating towards our goal of a 45% reduction in carbon emissions by 2032. As part of this commitment, we've embraced HVO (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) fuels for our Machine Handling Equipment (MHE) and select Radius Subterra vans. This switch will slash our tCO2e emissions by an impressive 83% compared to diesel.


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Our commitment to sustainability

To realise our vision of a greener tomorrow, we have outlined clear and actionable sustainability goals, aligned to the UN framework for Sustainable Development Goals

Our first and foremost goal is to minimise our impact on climate change. We fully back the Paris Agreement, working diligently to ensure a 1.5°C world. To this end, we've committed to:

  • Achieving Net-Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.
  • Aligning our targets with the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi).
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A Nationwide Distribution Network

Since 1969 we have developed and manufactured innovative plastic pipeline solutions for the gas industry and these solutions are now commonly used in the water, wastewater, energy & power, district heating and telecoms sectors.