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Unrivaled PE and Metallic Under-Pressure Connections

Subterra Metallic Under Pressure h ERO

Elevating Pipeline Connectivity

At Radius Subterra, we specialise in delivering seamless and efficient under-pressure connections for both PE and metallic pipelines. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your pipeline operations remain uninterrupted and optimised.

Benefits of under pressure metallic connections with Radius Subterra

Subterra Metallic Under Pressure Connection

Diverse Material Expertise

Our proficiency extends to metallic pipelines, encompassing steel, cast, and ductile iron. We possess the expertise to handle a diverse range of materials with precision.

Subterra Joint Report Metallic Connection

Complete Site Report and Rigorous Pressure Test

Transparency is pivotal to our service. We furnish you with a comprehensive site report, accompanied by a meticulous pressure test, to ensure that your metallic connections consistently meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Subterra Under Pressure Connections Calipering Service

Calipering Service

Precision is paramount, particularly in metallic connections. Our calipering service guarantees that each connection is meticulously measured and executed to perfection.

Versatile Off-Takes

Versatility is our forte. Our metallic connections span a broad range of off-take sizes, ranging from 80 mm to 600 mm, catering to a multitude of pipeline requirements.

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Streamlined Supply and Fit Service

Simplify your project with our comprehensive supply and fit service. We provide an all-inclusive solution that encompasses both top-quality materials and expert installation.

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Subterra Hollow Stack

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