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Our Heritage

Radius Systems Ltd has been at the forefront of innovation in PE pipelines for almost 60 years. From the introduction of polyethylene for gas distribution in 1965, through to the more recent development of polyethylene pipe for hydrogen.

Simultaneously Radius Systems has been the pioneers of new technologies for water distribution, with technologies such as ProFuseĀ® peelable pipe, that remains unchallenged.

Innovation Through the Decades

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Our History of Ownership

Since 1965 Radius Systems operated under various names including DuPont from 1965 through to 1991 when Uponor and Neste jointly acquired the PE pipe business from the DuPont.

From June 2008 the company became known as Radius Systems Ltd.

Over the decades there were various acquisitions including Radius Subterra Ltd, formerly known as Radius Plus Ltd, Yorkshire Plastics, Southern Countries Pneumatic Supplies Ltd, and Aeon International Valve Products.

Radius Group Holdings

Radius Systems Ltd is part of a larger international organisation known as Radius Group Holdings, an international market leader in engineered pipeline solutions for the gas, oil, water, wastewater, district heating and telecoms sectors.

The Group operates from six plants in the UK, Austria, Poland, Latvia and China and exports to more than 50 countries worldwide.