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Our line stop technologies

Subterra MLS

MLS Line Stop

Our MLS line stop technology is an innovative solution for up to 2 bar gas pipelines (metallic). It offers a remarkable one-day operational cost and time-saving advantage compared to other techniques. It includes full valve retrieval and eliminates the need for concreting the tees, with a PE solution under approval.

Inflatable Bag Stop

When it comes to low-pressure gas pipelines, our inflatable bag stop technology is the answer. These specially designed bags are deployed through branch saddles, accommodating pipelines with diameters of up to 630 mm and 42 inches.

Subterra Bagging Off

IRIS Line Stop

Our IRIS line stop technology features expandable fan technology, making it the ideal choice for medium gas pipelines. Used in conjunction with safety bags, it can accommodate pipelines with diameters of up to 48 inches.

Subterra IRIS Line Stop


Our stoppling technique utilises a folding head plug to isolate pipelines with pressures of up to 7 bar and diameters of up to 36 inches. We also offer non-standard PE liner sizes to ensure a customised solution.

Subterra Stoppling


Designed for both gas and water PE pipes, our squeeze-off technology can handle pipelines with diameters of up to 500 mm, making it a versatile choice for various applications.

Subterra Squeeze Off
Subterra Hollow Stack

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