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Elevate your potable water applications with CleanPipe, a revolutionary technology designed by the pioneers at Radius Systems. Crafted for excellence, CleanPipe features a PE100 core pipe sealed with two PE100 Electrofusion end seals, ensuring a contamination-free coiled pipe.

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Eliminate the need for pre-chlorination

The seamless integration of CleanPipe eliminates the need for pre-chlorination, making it an eco-friendly solution for storing, transporting, and installing pipes. The pressure and air-tight seal guarantees a clean and secure bore, providing enhanced efficiencies and reducing environmental impact. Choose CleanPipe for a water solution that transcends industry standards.

Features & Benefits

Contamination-Free Assurance

CleanPipe ensures a PE100 core pipe with two PE100 Electrofusion end seals, providing a sealed, contamination-free coiled pipe.

Eco-Friendly Pre-chlorination Elimination

By eliminating the need for pre-chlorination, CleanPipe contributes to a reduced environmental impact and lowers water usage.

Clean Bore from Storage to Installation

The pressure and air-tight seal of CleanPipe guarantees a clean and secure bore throughout the entire process—from storage and transportation to installation.

Enhanced Efficiencies and Reduced Environmental Impact

With CleanPipe, enjoy increased operational efficiencies and a significant reduction in environmental impact.


Discover how CleanPipe revolutionises potable water applications, offering a contamination-free solution with eco-friendly benefits. Click here to delve into the details of this innovative technology and its impact on ensuring clean, efficient, and environmentally responsible water distribution.

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Cleanpipe Brochure Extract - (pdf)