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Radius is supporting the future of green energy by leading the innovation in pipeline technology for hydrogen gas. Over five years, we've collaborated with industry leaders, including the HSE, Ofgem, UK Gas Distribution Networks, and Contractors, to pave the way for a flexible and cost-effective hydrogen gas network.

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Future-proofing for Hydrogen

Radius has been active in three main areas to ensure the UK and Ireland can achieve net zero by 2050, and ensure a smooth transition over the next 27 years. 

  1. From trailing and proving legacy infrastructure
  2. Partnering on world leading projects such as the Hydrogen Village in Fife, known as Fife 100 
  3. Pioneering new pipeline technology and methodologies including Hyperion.

Hydrogen Products


OptiValve with PE Tail - Gas Gate Valve

Discover AEON's groundbreaking Type A OptiValve with PE tail, engineered exclusively for polyethylene (PE) gas pipeline networks


Gas Biogas & Hydrogen - Aeon Valves


Fabricated Fittings - Click below

An extensive range of fabricated fittings is available to complete your pipeline. Widely used to fit and complement PE pipeline designs, Radius Systems’ fabricated fittings offer a quick and easy way to connect your pipework around bends and pipeline...

Fabricated Fittings

End cap

End Caps (Gas - 7 Bar)


EF Reducer

Reducers (Gas - 7 Bar)


90º EF elbow

90° Elbow (Gas - 7 Bar)


45º EF elbow

45° Elbows (Gas - 7 Bar)


EF Tee

Gas Equal Tees (Spigot off-take)


Easigrip coupler

Gas EasiGrip Coupler : 7 bar / 80V

Streamline your gas pipeline installations with Radius Systems' EasiGrip® Gas range, certified to GIS PL2-4 standards. Specifically engineered to address the complexities of handling large EF fittings for wide-diameter gas pipes, Easigrip stands out ...


EF coupler

Gas Electrofusion Couplers

Unlock unparalleled efficiency with our cutting-edge electrofusion coupler fittings from Radius Systems. Tailored for seamless assembly and optimal welding performance, these gas fittings set a new standard for excellence in polyethylene (PE) pipelin...


Purge Tee 63b

PurgeTee (32mm/63mm)

Discover the game-changing PurgeTee™, Radius Systems' innovative solution revolutionising mains purging, pressure testing, and bypass construction in the gas industry. Engineered with a patented design, PurgeTee™ offers a compact footprint, reducing ...


Unclamp T Tee

Under-clamp tapping tees (25mm Outlet / 32mm Outlet)

Discover Radius Systems' advanced under-clamp tapping tees, ideal for gas and water applications. Engineered with a universal integral cutter and NBR O-ring seal, our PE100 tapping tees ensure reliability. Quick installation, available in 40mm to 160...


32mm tapping tee

Tapping Tees

Our range of tapping tees have been specifically designed with a universal integral cutter and NBR O-ring seal, approved for use in gas and water applications. Manufactured from high performance PE100 our tapping tees are designed with a Unifit™ base...


EF Reducer



Coupler for website product page

End caps (Coupler Cap / 1-piece End Cap / Reducer Cap)


90º EF elbow

90° Elbows


45º EF elbow

45° Elbows


Reducing Tee black1985

Reducing Tee (Spigot Off-Take)


EF equal tee

Equal Tees (Spigot Off-Take)


Easigrip coupler

Gas EasiGrip Coupler

Simplify your gas pipeline installations with Radius Systems' Easigrip Gas range, certified to GIS PL2-4 standards. Tackling the challenge of handling large EF fittings for wide-diameter gas pipes, Easigrip is meticulously designed for efficient, eas...


Hydrogen Hyperion Pipe by Radius Systems min

Hyperion Hydrogen Pipe

Hyperion, the pioneering gas pipe from Radius Systems developed in partnership with the HSE, Ofgem and GDNs is dedicated for the transportation of hydrogen gas. The unique blue stripe makes this pipe easy identify that a blend or 100% hydrogen is con...


Rigorously Tested with Stringent Approvals

Our existing polyethylene pipes, fittings, and valves have also been rigorously tested and approved to meet the most stringent standards, including GIS:PL2:2 and PP1547:2021 for use with hydrogen.

Radius Systems & SGN: The H100 Fife Project

Discover the groundbreaking collaboration between Radius Systems and SGN in the H100 Fife Project. Learn more about the mechanism behind this green transformation, Radius Systems' crucial role, and how we are actively paving the way for a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable world. Click the button for the full details of the H100 Fife Project.


Why Choose Radius

At Radius, we are actively contributing to achieving the UK and Ireland's net-zero goals by 2050. 

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Trailblazing Legacy Infrastructure

We have been testing and validating legacy infrastructure to ensure compatibility with hydrogen for the last five years, exhuming pipes and testing in our dedicated hydrogen testing facility in Derbyshire, UK. Notable projects include Southbank in Middlesborough with NGN and Ellsmere Port, Whitby with Cadent Gas.

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Choose Hydrogen Now

An entire pipeline solution for up to 100% hydrogen projects from the onset, including the pioneering pipe Hyperion.

Learn more about Hyperion, the yellow pipe with a blue stripe.

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Be Conversion Ready

An entire pipeline solution for a smooth transition to the wholesale hydrogen of the future, using existing proven pipeline technologies, tested in partnership with the HSE and GDNs. Talk to us to explore Conversion Ready design methods from up-sizing pipes through to additional elements for network switch over.

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World Leading Project Partnership

Collaborating with SGN on the Fife 100 Hydrogen Village, supplying pipe, fittings and valves for the 100% green hydrogen village currently in construction. In additon to the H21 Programme, HyDeploy Programme and HyNet Programme.

Watch Webinar

Explore the lessons from public engagement around the trials and other projects. Debunking common ‘myths’ around hydrogen, how to adapt the pipe network to carry hydrogen, international lessons on the use of hydrogen and the feasibility of a blended solution for the decarbonisation of heat.

Prof Zoe Robinson University of Keel
Sarah Williams, Wales & West Utilities
James Earl, Energy Networks Association

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Get In Touch

Ready to embark on the hydrogen journey with Radius? Contact us for full details on the H100 Fife Project, collaboration opportunities, or any inquiries.

Call us: +44 (0)1773 811112
Email Gary Dwyer:

Join Radius in leading the charge towards a greener, sustainable future. Together, let's make hydrogen the driving force of tomorrow's energy landscape.

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Featured Products

Pro Fuse Gas BK pipe in stock 1

ProFuse Gas Pipe

Discover the exceptional ProFuse® pipeline technology, setting new standards in durability and efficiency. With its innovative damage-absorbing skin and user-friendly jointing, ProFuse® promises pristine jointing and unparalleled performance. Crafted...



Servi Flex

ServiFlex Flexible Rehabilitation Gas Pipe

Discover the ServiFlex® difference in gas service pipe rehabilitation. Offering a blend of innovation and sustainability, ServiFlex® efficiently addresses challenges with ageing metallic mains and intricate pipes. By combining cutting-edge no-dig tec...



Anaconda studio shot

Anaconda Tapping Tee

Seamlessly connect service pipes to gas mains with unparalleled flexibility, reduced fittings, and significant time savings. Experience the future of efficient, reliable gas pipeline installations



SC100 (PE100) Gas Pipe

Discover our SC100 solid wall polyethylene pipes, crafted for superior jointing integrity across diverse applications, especially for medium gas pressure. Experience lightweight flexibility, seamless welding, and minimal maintenance, ensuring longevi...



SC80 Gas

SC80 (PE80) Gas Pipe

Explore our SC80 service pipes, designed for consistent reliability in gas infrastructure. Combining industry-standard quality with lightweight flexibility, these pipes promise easy installation and cost efficiency. Ideal for new setups, replacements...