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Our pipeline solution, meticulously engineered to fuel the future of energy and power. Our versatile pipe and fittings offering is the cornerstone of excellence in renewable energy and power applications. 

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Versatile Pipe for Unparalleled Performance in Power Generation

Whether it's harnessing the force of water, tapping into geothermal energy, or empowering wind projects, our pipes shine as the embodiment of versatility, delivering unmatched performance in critical sectors. They seamlessly serve as electricity cable ducting, providing the backbone for wind energy generation and ensuring power reaches where it's needed most.

Power Products

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Universal Black PE100 Pipe

Our universal black pipes are engineered from high-performance polyethylene, featuring a robust solid wall construction. With diameters spanning from 20 to 1200 mm, available in a range of SDRs and pressure ratings, these pipes are tailor-made for ev...


Universal Black (PE100) Pipe