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SC80 Pipe

Engineered for maximum jointing integrity, our SC80 PE pipes are ideal for water and gas applications, serving new installations, pipeline replacements, and rehabilitation projects. These lightweight, flexible pipes offer fully welded systems that are low maintenance and corrosion-resistant, ensuring longevity. Quick and easy installation, along with the option for longer pipe lengths to minimise joints, makes SC80 pipes a cost-effective alternative to traditional materials like concrete or metal, setting a new industry standard for efficiency and reliability.

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Our SC80 Products

SC80 Gas

SC80 (PE80) Gas Pipe

Explore our SC80 service pipes, designed for consistent reliability in gas infrastructure. Combining industry-standard quality with lightweight flexibility, these pipes promise easy installation and cost efficiency. Ideal for new setups, replacements...



SC80 light blue pipe

SC80 (PE80) Water Pipe

Radius Systems presents SC80 (PE80) service pipes, the premier solution for drinking water distribution. Combining quality and flexibility, these color-coded polyethylene pipes ensure easy identification and versatile installation options. With strin...