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Trenchless No-Dig Solutions

Radius Systems has a reputation for providing reliable, robust and trusted innovative products and services for no-dig / trenchless techniques in the water and gas industry.

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Pipe for Horizontal Directional Drilling, Sliplining and Pipe Bursting

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ProFuse® Peelable Pipe

Experience the future of gas transport in buried pipelines. ProFuse® sets a new industry standard with unmatched joint integrity, robust protection, reduced costs, and a smaller carbon footprint. Click to learn more.


SC100 (PE100)

Meet our SC100 solid wall polyethylene pipes—a game-changer in jointing integrity. Ideal for various applications, including new installations, replacements, and rehabilitation projects, with a special focus on medium gas pressure requirements.

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Welcome to the 21st-century solution for contaminated land. Puriton® Barrier Pipe by Radius Systems ensures safe drinking water distribution in challenging environments, blending cutting-edge materials and technology for ultimate reliability. Click t...

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CleanPipe is a purpose-built range of factory-sealed coils that surpass conventional standards. Click to learn more.

Radius Systems excels in providing pipe that is ideally suited to no-dig techniques. Holding their own unique properties, but with one thing in common, the toughened outer shell that has been proven for use in horizontal directional drilling sliplining and pipe bursting.

Branch Saddles

Radius Subterra, the dedicated engineering services division of Radius Systems, offers tailor-made branch saddles to address connection complexities encountered in trenchless projects.

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PE Liners

The Radius Subterra team offers a range of PE liners, including semi-structural and interactive options tailored to your specific pressure requirements. Our bespoke thinner PE liners offer adaptability to suit your pipeline's unique needs and optimise performance.

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Spray Lining

Radius System’s Subcote™ is an advanced solvent-free PE spray-lining technology. This pioneering approach enables us to establish a protective barrier within your pipelines, devoid of harmful solvents. The result? An absolutely safe and efficient solution.

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Case Studies

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Finsbury Park