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Water Services

At Radius Subterra, the pipeline engineering services division, we specialise in rehabilitating and protecting water pipelines to restore pipeline structural integrity. Our longstanding expertise, means we have both the skills and plant required to supplement your existing contracting team/s. In pursuit of zero leakage by 2050, we are helping water companies and contractors retrofit to existing networks, allowing connections without interrupting customer supply. Whether the pipeline is standard PE or metallic pipes, or has custom dimensions, the Radius Subterra team has a time saving and project cost reducing solution.

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Our Services

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PE Bespoke Branch Saddles

Versatile saddles tailored for pipelines of all sizes. Lightweight design, reliable electrofusion technology, and compliance with industry standards ensure leak-proof connections. Ideal for diverse pipeline applications.

Water under pressure connection

PE & Metallic Under-Pressure Connections

Leading under-pressure connections for PE and metallic pipelines. Expertise in diverse materials, transparency through site reports, and meticulous calipering services. Efficient, all-in-one supply and installation solutions.

Water flow stopping

PE Flow Stopping / Line Stopping

Explore tailored solutions: MLS for metallic gas, inflatable stops for low pressure, IRIS for medium pipelines, and versatile stoppling methods. Time-saving, cost-effective options for various sizes and pressures.


Comprehensive Testing and Commissioning Services

Specialising in meticulous testing for pipeline integrity, our suite includes advanced hydrostatic and acoustic pressure testing, precise pneumatic testing, and comprehensive chlorination services. Designed to meet exacting standards, our services ar...

Cctv subterra

Complimentary Services

Dive into our advanced CCTV inspection services, blending bag stop technology for precise pipeline examination and VGC camera inspections for larger mains. Delve into our proficient WECO seal removal and state-of-the-art Blue Box technology, ensuring...