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Electrofusion fittings for gas pipes

Maximum fusion integrity for the longevity of gas pipelines

Specifically designed for ease of assembly and to provide optimum efficiency during the welding process, our range of universal black electrofusion fittings offers specifiers and installers a high performance jointing solution for their whole polyethylene pipeline.

Designed for natural and suitable manufactured gases, drinking water and wastewater polyethylene pipelines, our range of electrofusion fittings are made from high strength black PE100, with exposed wire technology offering maximum heat transfer and distribution during the welding process. For ease of installation our socket fittings are manufactured with insertion stops to ensure the pipe is fully engaged into the fitting during assembly.



Pipe Material Polyethylene
Fitting Material Polyethylene
Diameter Range 20 mm to 710 mm Bespoke: No
Max Operating Pressure 10 bar
Compliance / Approvals GIS PL2-4, BS EN 1555-3, DVGW GW 335-B2, MPA Darmstadt - K 1598/12.2014
Jointing Techniques

Electrofusion jointing

Jointing Equipment 40 V or 80 V electrofusion control box
Fitting types

Couplers, equal tees, reducing tees, elbows, end caps, reducers, tapping tees, branch saddles, Anaconda, PurgeTee

Product Videos

  • Anaconda connection vs standard gas service pipe connection

  • Polyethylene gas pipe electrofusion jointing overview

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