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Hyperion Hydrogen Pipe

Hyperion, the pioneering gas pipe from Radius Systems developed in partnership with the HSE, Ofgem and GDNs is dedicated for the transportation of hydrogen gas. The unique blue stripe makes this pipe easy identify that a blend or 100% hydrogen is contained within. For new sites where identification of hydrogen is critical, choose Hyperion. 

Hydrogen Hyperion Pipe by Radius Systems min


Hydrogen gas

Pipe Material


Pipe Colour

Yellow with blue stripe

Diameter Range

32 mm to 250 mm




6 m, 12 m, 50 m, 100 m

Compliance / Approvals

GIS:PL2:2 (PP 1547)


New installations

Installation Techniques

Electrofusion fittings

The Vanguard of Hydrogen Infrastructure in the United Kingdom

The forefront of energy innovation with the Hyperion pipe by Radius Systems, your gateway to the hydrogen future.

Radius Systems proudly introduces the Hyperion pipe, the first fully certified PP1547 rated solution for 100% hydrogen transport. Crafted to meet the stringent standards of the industry, Hyperion pipes are not just a part of the infrastructure; they are the foundation of a sustainable energy transition. With over 14,000 meters already fueling the Fife H100 Project, these pipes are laying down the tracks for the green revolution in home heating. Embrace a future where energy is as clean as the sky on a clear day with Hyperion.

The Signature of Sustainable Infrastructure

The striking blue stripe of the Hyperion pipe isn't just a feature; it's a safety critical feature.

Hyperion pipe is instantly recognisable by its signature blue stripe, which denotes that it is transporting 100% hydrogen.

Leading with Quality and Precision

Embodying meticulous design and engineering, Hyperion pipe stands as a testament to Radius Systems’ role as the primary innovator in gas pipe within the UK.

Every Hyperion pipe from Radius Systems is a product of rigorous testing and quality assurance, embodying our unyielding commitment to precision and reliability. These pipes are not just manufactured; they are engineered to be the lifeblood of the hydrogen economy, supporting Gas Distribution Networks (GDNs) and contractors alike.

Key Features & Benefits

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Easily Identify Hydrogen Gas

The blue stripe on Hyperion pipes allows field engineers to quickly ascertain the transport of hydrogen.

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Forged Through Strategic Partnership

Hyperion was conceptualised and perfected in collaboration with the industry, including the HSE, Ofgem, and Gas Distribution Networks. This enabled Radius Systems to be the first to bring a fully tried and tested hydrogen pipeline solution to market.

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Rigorously Certified for Excellence

Hyperion meets the highest standards, boasting approvals from GIS:PL2:2 (PP 1547) and the British Standard Kitemark 51350, proving its exceptional quality and reliability.

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Proven Performance in the Field

Selected as the backbone for Fife's H100 project, Hyperion has been thoroughly tried and tested in the field, exemplifying its readiness for widescale green hydrogen distribution.

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A Nationwide Distribution Network

Since 1969 we have developed and manufactured innovative plastic pipeline solutions for the gas industry and these solutions are now commonly used in the water, wastewater, energy & power, district heating and telecoms sectors.