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Factory sealed coils for potable water

A leading edge pipe innovation, CleanPipe™ is Radius Systems' unique range of factory sealed coils specifically designed for the safe distribution of potable water.  

CleanPipe™ is fitted with factory fused internal seals that ensure that the pipe maintains its cleanliness from manufacture through to installation. The seals are developed to remove the need for pre-chloriation operations carried out before the pipe is installed, as they provide a tamper-proof, air and pressure-tight seal solution until the pipe’s point of connection.


Potable water

Pipe Material Polyethylene
Pipe Colour Dark blue with brown stripes
Diameter Range 90 mm to 180 mm Bespoke: No
SDR 17 Bespoke: No
Max Operating Pressure 10 bar
Lengths 100 m Bespoke: No
Compliance / Approvals BS EN 12201
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