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ProFuse Water Pipe

ProFuse® stands as a leading pipe innovation that offers a high-performance solution aiding unparalleled joint integrity, damage protection, and reduced installation time and costs. It has been engineered to meet and exceed the demanding requirements of modern projects.

Pro Fuse water BK 42


Potable water

Pipe Material


Pipe Colour

Dark blue with brown stripes

Diameter Range

75 mm to 630 mm | Bespoke: Yes

Pipe Compatibility

PE100 potable water pipe (dark blue)


11, 17 and 21 | Bespoke: Yes

Max Operating Pressure

16 bar


6 m, 12 m, 50 m, 100 m | Bespoke: Yes

Compliance / Approvals

BS EN 12201-3

Approved Fittings & Jointing Techniques

Electrofusion fittings
Spigot fittings
Redman™ hydraulic compression fittings


New installations
Pipe replacement
Pipe rehabilitation

Installation Techniques

Directional drilling
Pipe bursting
Subline DR

What is ProFuse?

ProFuse® stands as a groundbreaking water pipe innovation, introducing a peelable design that eliminates the need for scraping. This innovation delivers top-notch joint integrity, damage protection, and efficiency. Engineered to surpass modern project demands, ProFuse offers unmatched performance from potable water applications to diverse installation scenarios.

Engineered for Exceptional Jointing Integrity

ProFuse is optimised to deliver exceptional jointing integrity, offering a combination of reduced installation costs and enhanced quality for long-term system reliability. The unique peelable skin, integrated using advanced melt-on-melt technology during manufacturing, ensures the pipe remains in immaculate condition until jointing, guaranteeing a flawless, high-quality connection.

Superior in Diverse Installation Scenarios

ProFuse is your go-to for a range of installation techniques, including open-cut, slip-lining, horizontal directional drilling, and pipe bursting. It's robust protective skin is specifically designed to withstand the rigors of these methods, particularly in no-dig installations, offering enhanced durability and resilience.

ProFuse Eliminates Over Specified Wall Thickness

In many cases the need for “over specified wall thickness” to mitigate for any pipe wall damage during installation is eliminated. Eg, where an SDR11 pipe is selected due to potential abrasion damage, choosing Profuse allows the designer to specify SDR17 Pipe as the skin layer absorbs any abrasion. This benefits cost, capacity and pipe handling due to the light pipe weight.

ProFuse Key Features & Benefits

Optimum Joint Integrity

The ProFuse peelable skin protects the pipe surface from contamination, ensuring a high joint quality and asset integrity.

Reduced Installation Time and Cost

ProFuse eliminates the need for time-consuming pipe preparation, saving on installation time and costs, particularly for large diameter pipes.

Damage Protection

With outstanding abrasion resistance, ProFuse shields the core pipe during trenchless installation methods, preventing damage.

Reduced Project Carbon Footprint

Choosing ProFuse means choosing sustainability. For example, using ProFuse 400mm can reduce carbon emissions by 28.3%, with a CO2 reduction of 2,334 kg per 100 meters.

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